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We are proud of our quality!

Our quality policy

It belongs within our quality policy to manufacture products that are high quality and fulfill our clients’ expectations and demands. To ensure quality, the company management has appointed people in charge and allocated required resources to educate workers and improve operations. We are committed to the effectual laws and regulations and also the requirements of ISO 9001 – standard.

We are constantly improving our operations by effective internal and external communications, educating workers and systematic handling of possible quality deviations. By establishing close relations with our clients, we improve both theirs and ours processes better than ever.


Quality assurance

Quality is born by doing, not measuring. We monitor our ability to manufacture quality in our production by using our own machinery in 3D-scanning and –measuring. Regular and anticipatory maintenance of the machinery and educating our workers, in addition to systematic handling of quality deviations and monitoring quality count, improve our ability to produce quality continuously.