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Who are we?

KKR Steel Ltd. is a family company owned by four brothers and is located at Ylämylly in Liperi, Eastern Finland. Our story began in 1981 when mechanical engineer and repair shop Konekorjaamo Riikonen started operations. In 2014, we separated repair shop operations completely into a business of it’s own and since then, our company has been known as KKR Steel Ltd. Konekorjaamo Riikonen focusing on repair and maintenance of heavy equipment still operates as a separate business in it’s own facilities in Salpakangas in Joensuu. 

We are an established company and constantly improving our operations. To manage well in this field we must also keep our manufacturing machinery and methods modern. We have multiple international clients whom we have worked with for years. Our clients’ strict requirements concerning quality and reliability of delivery have helped us to improve our operations and production from year to year. This is one of our success factors in growing to be a substantial manufacturer of mechanical and metal industry products. At this point we employ around 200 professionals of steel. Well-being and safety of our workers is extremely important to us and we aim to improve these aspects continuously.

Values behind our operations

Reliability and flexibility
  • Many of our long-lasting relations with clients show that we are seen as a trustworthy cooperation partner. Our flexibility shows as a quick reactivity to our clients’ changing needs and is something we have gotten credit for.
  • As an established and deliberately grown company we are also a reliable and flexible employer. Flexibility is mutual in our company.
Well-being and safety of our workers
  • We want our working environment to be safe and comfortable, which is why we improve it constantly.
  • We pay attention in the cleanness and tidiness of our facilities in every-day operations because well-being and safety of our workers is very important to us
  • Investment in occupational health care and improvement of working environment create good conditions for well-being and coping at work.
Continuous development and sustainablity
  • To keep ourselves accountable and profitable we improve our operations in oriented manner.
  • Principles of sustainable development in both economic and ecological sense are considered in the decision making in our company.

Our vision

We are the market’s most wanted partner and employer in our field.


Our mission

We want to use our services to support our clients’ global success.

We focus on manufacturing mechanical and metal industry products to meet our clients’ needs.

We constantly improve our operations to keep it modern and efficient by utilizing modern technology.


Our strategy

We build long-lasting relations with clients based on reliable deliveries and high quality products, not to mention cost-effectiveness.

We get acquainted with our clients’ needs by being actively present in planning the manufacturability of a product. We also aim to understand the meaning of every ordered product and its’ requirements in clients’ own production and end-product.

In our production we use high quality and responsibly produced raw-materials. Effective operational control and following quality policy, together with deliberate investments and continuous improvement of well-being at work, enable a good foundation to the fulfillment of our vision.